Okay, so my online presence looks crap... well, you try assembling a site with paws.

More to the matter, here's a question for you. What do these acts:

Helicopter Girl (Pop, Electro)

Jackdaw4 (Power Pop)

Fat Freddy's Drop (Pop, Reggae)

B'z (J-Rock)

CJ and the Satellites (Pop Punk)

Kennedy (Disco)

The Wildhearts (Punkpoprockmetal)

Lykke Li (Pop, Electro)

Hoodoo Gurus (Rock, Power Pop)

Fotos (Funkpop)

Stoppok (Folk, Rock, Singer/Songwriter)

Cardiacs (???)

Jellyfish (Power Pop)

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore (Horror Jazz)

The Screaming Jets (Aussie Rock)

King's X (Funksoulmetal)

Tegan And Sara (Indie)

Warren Zevon (Deceased)

Twilight Singers (AltRock)

The Go!Team (Try not to dance to this!)

Urge Overkill (Now-tro)

Stevie Salas (Native American Funk Rock)

The New Pornographers (Indie Pop)

Young Heart Attack (Kickass)

Robyn (The Killingest Pop Star on the Planet)

Caroline's Spine (AltRock)

The Feuilletones (oh yeah)

have in common?




1. ILUVEMALL ('oooh eclectic' you say, and you are right)

2. You probably never heard of most of them.






Watch this space.




Until about September.